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  BERC Education
  The role of education at BERC is to increase public knowledge of the value and
              vital importance of biodiversity and environment and to increase recognition of, and
              support for, its work. BERC achieves this through higher education and training,
              schools education, public education, and resources. BERC will continue to
              network effectively with leading institutions to develop relevant biodiversity
              and environmental sciences education.

     Higher Education and Training
          Higher Studies (MSc., and PhD):
                 BERC is aiming at designing and implementing higher degree programs leading to
                 MSc and PhD degrees in conservation biology and taxonomy; environmental,
                 agricultural, and fungal biotechnology; and conservation and environmental education.
                 This will be coordinated with the Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education,
                 and preferably done in partnership with other institutions and universities.

                 BERC is aiming at designing and implementing a 2-year university course (Diploma),
                 on biodiversity conservation, biodiversity education, and biotechnology. The successful
                 student will be offered an intermediate university degree (Diploma) that will qualify
                 him/her to work as a technician or educator in the areas of environment, agriculture,
                 education, and health.

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                                                   Public Education and Training:
                                                                          Design and implement public awareness programs on biodiversity conservation and
                                                                          environmental protection issues. Programs target specific groups: women, children, health
                                                                          workers, waste workers, , etc.


                                                   School Education Programs:
                                                                          Design and implement school education programs in coordination with the Palestinian
                                                                          Ministry of Education and Higher Education. Target groups are 6-12, and 13-18 years old
                                                                          children and youths, respectively.


Education in BERC-Til Botanic Gardens.

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