Traditional Palestinian Medicine (TPM): herbal database:
Free access (by password) to a database of over xx herbs of the Palestinian (TPM)
       material medical.

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Guidebook of Traditional Palestinian  Herbal Science
TPM  Herbal Database
Herbs included in database
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  Guidebook of Traditional Palestinian Herbal Science Table of contents
     By Moh’d S. Ali-Shtayeh, Ph.D; & Rana M. Jamous, MSc.

  TPM Herb Database
"TPM Herb Database" is a frames-based on-line reference of clinical information on
     over 290 herbs of the TPM materia medica. It is intended as a convenient reference
     for both health professionals and their clients, and is a free limited version of a much
     more extensive database that will be completed over the next few months: xxx herb
     entries plus index of common symptoms,  xxx  classical herbal formulas, extensive
     cross-referencing for easy look-up of terminology, and indexing of terms by English,
     by Arabic, and by functional groupings.

     The database includes information about botanical classification, dosage,
     contraindications, preparation, physiological notes, and traditional Palestinian clinical

     To access the database, please enter your assigned username (not your real name)  
     and password into the small popup box that will appear. (Complete the request-for-
     information form to receive access codes.)

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