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  Role of Women & Children:
BERC supports a more equitable economic and social role for the Palestinian women.
       One mechanism to achieve this is through
Til Young Women Club

            TIL YOUNG WOMEN CLUB for the protection of biodiversity and environment (TYWC): 
            was established in 2001 as a committee affiliated with BERC to work towards the realization of
            BERC’s objectives, i.e., protection and development of biodiversity and environment.

       Mission statement
            To enable better management of the earth’s environment by increasing knowledge and
            understanding of biodiversity and environmental resources.

            The club is aimed at the realization of BERC’s goals which are centered on the conservation
            and development of Palestine’s environment and biodiversity.

       Work Scope
             Activities are centered on conservation and environmental education.

     Conservation and Environmental Education Program (CEEP)

          Public awareness is an important component of BERC’s activities.
The main goal of the YWCs CEEP is, to improve basic biodiversity and
          environment related practices in the target communities. This is achieved by
          promoting key environmental behaviors related to sustainable and healthy use of
          environmental resources including biodiversity resources. The program focuses
          on women and children and uses participatory methodologies and hence is
          expected to transform these groups into active participants in the development of
          their community.
          The involvement of women in the CEEP improves their knowledge and skills on
          health and environmental issues, and results in other positive changes in the
          women's life.

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             Through the Child-to-Child methodologies, applied in CEEP the children can
             learn new skills and practices, to obtain new knowledge and change attitudes. At
             the same time, children play a main role in teaching other children new skills and
             practices, spreading new knowledge even to members of their families. Based on
             this method, children learn by participation, discovery, and by integrating the
             learning and the living place.


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Til – Nablus

Almasjed Street

PO Box 696

Til – Nablus, Palestine

Telefax: +970-9-2346-406



Ms. Dua’ Tariq Shtayeh

Head of YWC





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